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Project Type : Architecture

Location: AlYarmouk, Kuwait

Area: 275 m²

Year: 2019 - 2020

Program: Apartment

WA apartment, mono-oriented, is located in one of the first built houses in AlYarmouk, Kuwait. The project optimizes the space by opening and exploiting the surfaces lost from circulation. The old kitchen, entrance and living room are merged, creating a generous living space that takes full advantage of the apartment’s exposure. Before the renovation the apartment included an open living room, 2 bedrooms, wc, kitchen, and a staff unit. 

After the renovation the floor is divided into two separate units: the apartment & the staff area.

The new apartment includes an open living room, dining room, & kitchenette that opens to an intimate outdoor courtyard. An addition to two master bedrooms, closet room, guest wc, storage and 2 separate entrances to the apartment.

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