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Project Type : Architecture + Interior Design

Location: AlMasayel, Kuwait

Area: 750 m²

Year: 2020 - 2023

Program: Single Family House

The Courtyard House is a private house for a small and new settled family. The concept is to have open living spaces that overlook all three courtyards. The ground floor includes an open living room, dining room, & pantry. Other areas of the ground floor include an office, kitchen, pool house, staff bedroom, guest bedroom, & storage. The first floor includes three master bedrooms. 

The villa's design is based on a formulaic grid system that is present through the structural walls. The structure acts as an underlying framework that the wall systems work within. 

One of the most important aspects of the villa is the roof. The low profile of the roof appears as a floating plane above the interior volume. The floating plane gives a sense of weightlessness that fluctuates between enclosure and shade. 

With the low profile projecting outwards there is a blurred spatial border where the interior becomes exterior and the exterior becomes interior. 

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