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Project Type : Interior Design

Location: Pearl Marzouq, Salmiya

Year: 2020

Program: Single Family Apartment


The project consists in the refurbishment of a penthouse located in Pearl Marzouq, Salmiya; a modern architectural complex, docked on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in the early seventies.

The main living spaces in the Penthouse overlooks the Ras area, a breathtaking unobstructed view of the sea & the public gardens.

To not take away from the beauty of the natural views, we were inspired to use natural hard and soft materials. The floor was covered in hardwood flooring and the walls were painted in a light shade of blue. The furniture chosen consisted of natural stones, fabrics, and wood.

The main living area is segregated into two spaces by an open bookshelf. A bookshelf that has rotating shelves that act as louvers. Whereas, the users have the choice to open or close their kitchen using a folding window. The aim was to accommodate the needs of the users based on their daily life. 

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