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Project Type : Interior Design

Location: AlSurra, Kuwait

Area: 360 sqm

Year: 2022


This interior renovation was commissioned to accommodate the growing family of a newlywed couple in a relaxing environment. Therefore, the purpose was to create an intimate and welcoming space, preserving the existing structure and configuration, but multiplying the spatial possibilities to generate greater amplitude and privacy.


The program is made up of a duplex with three ensuite bedrooms, an open living and dining space, a private kitchen, kids living room, and a guest bathroom. The surfaces of SA Duplex are bathed in light from the large surrounding windows. Interior luminosity is accentuated by soft tones that are used to communicate and highlight the different environments and their varying functions. 

 A curved wall is connected from the main entrance as the user encounters the space. The idea of a curved wall acts as a private partition and encourages a private circulation path, leading the users to different areas of the apartment. While the wall hugs the custom TV unit cabinetry on one side, it forms a curvature on the other side, creating a smoother circulation. The same language of curved edges has been moved to the bedroom as the headboard hugs the bed in a soft manner. Fixed curved lights add a playful yet functional element for night time reading and ambiance.

To heighten seclusion, the partition that separates the floor above from the floor below is clad in hardwood walnut louvers. It features a fully-concealed door to filter sound coming from the living space on the lower floor and communicates a more private zone. The spacing between the louvers was measured to allow ample light through while casting shade and shadow.


Fixed furniture pieces were sculpted to fit into the apartment’s structural walls, creating challenges and opportunities. The dining console is a one-of-a-kind 7m Corian slab that also serves as a coffee station and buffet unit. Its length emphasizes the volume of the room and draws the eye outside. Remaining furniture pieces were clad in the same neutral palette in order to unify the spaces and create a timeless palette that the users could decorate with loose items as they grow.

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