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Project Type : Art Installation

Location: AlShaheed Park, Kuwait

Year: 2017


The installation was designed to honor our martyrs that took place in the outrageous invasion to fight for Kuwait in 1990. The design of the installation is a resemblance of a cloud floating above the gardens in Shaheed, as the martyrs are floating above us, resting in a state of peace. The reason why clouds were chosen is to emphasize their peaceful state as they rest rest in tranquility. 

Each bottle represents an individual that took part in the outrageous invasion to fight for Kuwait. The lights that illuminate from the installation resemble that their souls and prayers will forever be alive within us and that their actions has left its marks engraved deep in the Kuwaiti heritage. 

The location that was chosen is the memorial hall, where most of the martyrs photos and names are printed on the walls as a remembrance to their courageous actions that took place in the invasion. 

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